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The written interview with the Affordable Art Fair has been published. Go check out my creative process and inspiration from the link below. 

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法國香水品牌 @diptyque 最新發佈嘅限量版 Do Son 淡香水,感謝您哋嘅邀請,令我可以喺 Aqua Luna II 上可以睇到、聞到同感受到,逐點填上那份屬於自己嘅留白⋯⋯

"Do you remember the place where you lived when you were young? Even the toys you played and the bike you rode. Who was sitting next to you in the classroom? What were those funny things? How much of your childhood are you supposed to remember?”


It is difficult to create a wonderful and artistic animation. And there is one full of fragrant fantasy. The animation describes the imaginary space of the artist when he paints, it goes through the reality back and forth. What a lovely piece with beautiful background music. 


@diptyque a French perfume brand, with the launch of new limited edition perfume Do Son, thanks for your invitation to let me experience the fantasy.

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​I was interviewed by ViuTV during JCCAC, and talked about creative ideas, AR production and Hong Kong-related topics.

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一開始就話係友台嘅行家即刻有壓力,仲要狂Tag Rickubic真係夠曬屈機,之後輕鬆講吓AR同而家設計呢行,仲有分享吓教學嘅趣事,傾吓傾吓咁就錄咗廿分鐘。感謝新城知訊台由Michael Beat和馬仔主持「星期日無限定」的邀請做了一個專題訪問,讓我可以重拾在澳洲開咪嘅時光。呢廿分鐘專題訪問已經在星期日(12 / 9 / 2021)晚出咗街喇!想聽重溫嘅朋友可以透過以下連結聽番㗎!(溫馨提示: 節目會於04:30開始)

An interview by Metro Broadcast about Rickubic including sharings on the design industry and interesting stuff about teaching, was broadcasted on Sunday night (12 Sep 2021). Please go to the following link to listen. Kind of reminds me of my broadcasting time back in Australia. 

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Tatler Hong Kong invited Rickubic to create artwork to celebrate Hong Kong, from A to Z, which I got the letter K - Kai Tak. 


Extracted from Tatler Hong Kong 


Artist Rick Lo - who sometimes uses the pen name Rickubic - remembers flying into Kai Tak Airport, whose runway famously jutted into Victoria Harbour, making it one of the most dramatic landings in the world. 


“I loved to see the view from the plane,” says Lo. “I remember seeing all the beautiful lights - a tiny Hong Kong. I was excited that our plane almost landed on the roofs of the buildings.” 


Lo subsequently developed a serious passion for flying. “I took flying lessons in a small plane in Adelaide when I studied in Australia,” he says. “Although I haven’t completed any licences, each time I get back up there in a plane, I feel happy.” 

Projects Demo Draft44.jpg

Redesign from my original artwork "Dali's Breakfast". It got published on Instagram by Marie Claire HK with the most famous TV show by that time. 

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"8 Talented and Inspiring Hong Kong Illustrators You Need To Know"

Written by Amanda Sheppard, Localiiz


Rick Lo, or Rickubic, as he is known, is an illustrator known for his bold line work. Having relocated from Australia to Hong Kong, he puts a fresh spin on everyday iconic Hong Kong sites such as the Star Ferry and red minibuses, with the odd pithy social commentary thrown in for good measure. A number of his creations are available to purchase from his online Etsy store for a very reasonable price.

Projects Demo Draft31.jpg

作品登陸「亞洲插畫年鑑 2017」

Collections in "Asia Illustrations Yearbook 2017"

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試畫一下 Rickubic 風格的人頭畫像,同時亦製作了一系列的襟章產品,並於八月份多個本地及海外市集發售,其中戇豆先生的頭像更得到了官方戇豆先生的查詢,作品經已在他的官方 Intagram 的網站發放。


I tried to draw caricature with my own style and made pin badges for several market fairs in August. Surprisingly, my illustration was shared by the official Mr Bean account at Instagram, Wow!

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