香港日常系列 - 刺繡燙章

10 May 2020

The Common Ground 聯乘的刺繡燙章作品已經上架,作品選取了路牌、紅綠燈、安全島及招牌等香港街上日常的設計,由 Rickubic 一貫的手繪線條呈現。位於南豐紗廠 The Mills 的地舖設有 Tee Shirt 可供選購,並提供即場燙印服務,更可以選擇多款刺繡燙章。


Hong Kong Daily Series - Embroidery Iron-on Badges

Embroidery Iron-on Badges collaborated with The Common Ground have been put on the shelves. The products were selected from daily designs on Hong Kong streets such as street signs, traffic lights, pedestrian island and signboards, which are presented by Rickubic's hand-drawn lines. The ground shop at The Mills has Tee Shirts for purchase and provides hot stamping services on-site for various embroidery stamps.

Address: Shop G05 to G07, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

旺角朗豪坊 Ginger Store 實測

27 Feb 2020



Ginger Store 極支持本地創意產業,又追求超高品質,歡迎參觀。


The first time for Rickubic to collaborate with Ginger Store, a local business supporting creativity, has produced high-quality prints on the t-shirt with details of the illustrations. The special three t-shirts with the theme of "The Revenge of Ocean" are now on the shelf in the retail store located in Langham Place and Metropolis.


Shop 01-05, L10 Langham Place, Mong Kok
Shop 106, L1, Metroplaza, Kwai Fong, Kwai Chung

Custom Illustration Services for personal

25 Jan 2020

Rickubic 除了提供商業的繪畫創作方案外,亦會為專屬客戶訂造繪畫作品。客人特別對新界綠色的士情有獨鍾,同時亦要求的士上乘載著指定人物,作品完成後會置入特定畫框。


Rickubic provides creative illustration solutions for commercial use, yet we also customise illustration for personal use as well. The customer seems to have fancy on the green taxi of New Territories. They also request having a specific person taking it. The final product was put in a painting frame for delivery. 

香港最高海拔寄賣點 - 「Sky100@ICC」

23 Nov 2019

新增設寄賣點位於九龍站環球貿易廣場「天際100 - 香港觀景台」的遊客禮品店,遊客可以在第100樓層高瞻香港360度景致,亦可以清晰看到維多利亞港及穿梭往還的渡海小輪。

地址: 香港九龍柯士甸道西1號環球貿易廣場100


The Gift Shop at “Sky100 - Hong Kong Observation Deck” located at International Commerce Centre (ICC) next to Kowloon MTR Station, is the highest place of Rickubic ever, yet you can enjoy the 360 degrees stunning vistas of Victoria Harbour and Star Ferry from a bird’s eye view. 

Address: 100/F, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

2020 Rickubic Hong Kong Calendar printed with Risograph

30 Oct 2019

老闆話今期要癲啲、爆啲、要cool得嚟warm啲,一出街要有嘩然嘅感覺,但係要睇住budget,最好似番舊年個setting咁......真係俾comment都可以創意無極限,腦筋急轉彎。2020香港月曆(連實木座)首度以專門用色Shocking PinkAqua Blue,透過類似版畫的模式逐層印製,顏色夠鮮,質感夠粗糙,一反Rickubic一貫行decent嘅路線,實行斷捨離,去得徹底,去盡佢......今期亦換左個實木座,仲加大尺寸,做左多項撞擊測試,保證站得住腳,不會倒下來。


此外月曆備有香港法定假期及傳統曆法,並附設木座,現已於 Etsy 發售。

Printed by the format of Risograph which is like using silk screen printing technique. It has two specific shocking colour which is not quite in the gene of Rickubic. This 2020 calendar can be attached with a small wood stand as an option. Please check out Etsy for an order. Cheers.

Rickubic x Ginger Store T-Shirt Production

16 Oct 2019

「海洋報復系」嘅三款Tee其實已經出左都耐耐地架喇!早前有好多客人希望畫作可以印上Tee,但對於印Tee老闆有好大Concern, 因為首先件衫本身質素要好,畫作勁細緻又要追求印得近乎原作,加上要承受相當產量,所以一直都出唔到世,直至遇上 Ginger Store,奇蹟就咁發生左!

Ginger Store 極支持本地創意產業,又追求超高品質,完美示範咩叫創意主導,於是一向畫得勁慢嘅老闆在兩星期內完成畫作,將海洋生物變成機動遊戲向人類報復,八爪魚套住啲車卡係咁Fing,水母又連住啲韆鞦係咁轉,果個海星左拉右拉都夠攞命啦,呢啲概念係咩玩法,老闆個腦究竟諗咩架呢!真係估佢唔到,總之要玩,玩盡佢⋯⋯


The first time for Rickubic to collaborate with Ginger Store, a local business supporting creativity, has produced high-quality prints on the t-shirt with details of the illustrations. The special three t-shirts with the theme of "The Revenge of Ocean" are now on the shelf in the retail store located in Langham Place and Metropolis.

Shop 01-05, L10 Langham Place, Mong Kok
Shop 106, L1, Metroplaza, Kwai Fong, Kwai Chung


03 May 2019

首度參與位於九龍塘創新中心的插畫展覽,希望可以為 Rickubic 訂立更清晰的定位,提供專門「插畫x設計」的服務,並為多元性的業界創造價值


It is the very first time to attend an illustration show located at Innocentre in Kowloon Tong. We aim at providing “Illustration x Design” service to create value for variety of businesses.  

寄賣點已擴張至九龍地段 —「PolyU Book Store」

07 Apr 2019

新增設的寄賣點位於九龍地段的香港理工大學 PolyU Bookstore



Now available at PolyU Bookstore

Address: Room VA209, Shaw Amenities Building, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

寄賣點已擴張至九龍地段 —「The Barn @ D2 Place Two 荔枝角」

12 Mar 2019

新增設的寄賣點位於九龍地段的荔枝角 D2 Place TwoThe Barn」- 是一個文化手作產業的重要地標,每個星期都會舉行各類型的手作市集。

地址:香港九龍荔枝角長順街15D2 Place Two


A brand new handicraft retail store The Barn - located at D2 Place, is an important landmark of the handicraft industry. There are different types of market fairs happening every week.

Address: 2/F, D2 Place Two, 15 Cheung Shun Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

新的合作空間與新的寄賣點 —「賣藝」

09 Feb 2019

我們有了新的寄賣點,是位於長洲往海灘方向的一幢深藍色小屋 — 優雅文創小舖「賣藝」,店主收納了各地精彩的文創產品,絕對是遊人的尋竇的地方。



Find us in a lovely and creative place at My Arts - the little blue house in Cheung Chau, surely we will have more collaborations on creativity

Address: G/F, 1 Tung Wan Road, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

2019 Rickubic Hong Kong Calendar is Ready now.

24 Sep 2018

一個月曆將會置在桌上一年的時間,對視覺上的空間有一定沖擊,所以月曆必須小心選擇⋯⋯ 想要一個富想像空間的月曆,為你在新的一年注入無限動力,嚴選十二幅插畫作品,表現極細緻,極創意的一貫插畫風格 - 2019 年 Rickubic 月曆。


同時亦非常感謝連個月曆內容及價錢都未知道就要訂購的朋友,謝謝你們,此外月曆備有香港法定假期及傳統曆法,並附設小木座,現已於 Etsy 發售。


Thank you so much for all the beloved friends who placed the order even though they don’t know the price and how it looks like. This 2019 calendar can be attached with a small wood stand as an option. Please check out Etsy for order. Cheers.

Localiiz: 8位具天賦及啟發性的香港插畫師你一定要識

22 Jul 2018

為市集主辦單位 Life Mart 以七月十四為主題的插畫及設計

13 Jul 2018

挑戰!主辦單位 Life Mart 希望作品以七月十四為題,創作出既本土卻又不能夠過於恐怖的插畫設計,畢竟市集是一個優閒舒逸的活動,因此以本地馳名美食叉燒入手,配以「埋嚟睇,堆嚟瀨」等文字題目展現。此外,Life Mart 是在香港一個非常用心用力的市集製作團隊,為手作業界提供強大支援及優質的文化藝術平台。


Life Mart would like to use "14 July" (as known as The Chinese Ghost Festival) as the theme for a Market Fair. It is quite a challenge to present the concept of not too horrible yet being localised. So I picked the local delicious food “Barbecue Pork” with the wordings of “Come and taste it” to illustrate the Chinese legend, that ghost might lick the barbecue pork during the Festival. Besides, Life Mart is a local team of the market fair organiser in full of passion. They provide strong supports to handicrafters with a qualitative platform for art and culture.


08 Jun 2018

重口味系列「觸動」經已上市,「觸動」的觸手圖案延伸 90cm,連綿不斷,紙膠帶採用純日本和紙於臺灣印製,高品質畫質及輕巧耐用。


The hardcore series “Touching Tentacles” is ready on market. The tentacles have infinite loops itself to 90cm in length. This masking tape was printed in Taiwan with high-quality Japanese Wagami.

Purchased Orders from overseas has raised lately through Etsy.

13 Mar 2018

畫作及帆布袋近來均遠銷海外市場,感謝來自香港、英國、愛爾蘭、意大利、美國、澳洲、丹麥等多個地域透過 Etsy 訂講。此外,香港的朋友亦可以透過郵寄及 HSBC PayMe 訂購,歡迎電郵 Rickubic 查詢。


Thanks for the online order through Etsy from Hong Kong, UK, Ireland, Italy, US, Aussie, Denmark etc.  Besides, local orders are available through postage and HSBC PayMe. Please email Rickubic for details. Thank you.

發現作品已經在 Life Mart 的明信片區

09 Feb 2018

十數款明信片將會在不定期的 Life Mart 位於 D2 Place 的明信片區有售。Life Mart 是在香港一個非常用心用力的市集製作團隊,為手作業界提供強大支援及優質的文化藝術平台。


A brunch of Postcards is now available at Life Mart located in D2 Place. Life Mart is a local team of the market fair organiser in full of passion. They provide strong supports to handicrafter with a qualitative platform for art and culture.

The Very First Prototype of Rickubic Calendar 2018

06 Jan 2018



I need a decent desk calendar desperately when it is coming to 2018. However, I don't receive any good one. So I made one for myself. Besides, Rickubic plans to produce the calendar with wooden stand in mass for 2019. You gotta wait for it a bit while.

It's a beginning to look alot like Christmas

09 Dec 2017



聖誕三部曲 - 第一回前傳 - 聖誕老人和鹿仔


聖誕三部曲 - 第二回 - 紅色鼻子的魯道夫
傳說有一首家傳戶曉嘅聖誕歌, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", 道出一班鹿仔們爭上位嘅奮鬥故事,紅色鼻子嘅魯道夫因為佢個鼻紅色而發光,慘被其他鹿仔歧視、恥笑同排斥,可憐嘅魯道夫冇得同其他鹿仔一齊玩,


聖誕三部曲 - 第三回 - 魯道夫遇上雪人卡爾

A full set of Christmas Trilogy has been framed after I have drawn for three Christmas years. And the story will continue...

Christmas Trilogy

The first chapter - Santa Claus is coming to Town

The Second chapter - Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer

The Third chapter - Walking in a Winter Wonderland


25 Nov 2017

傳統「辦館」、「米舖」、「藥材蔘茸海味舖」等經典行業已於十二月重現上環,Rickubic 為活動設計和繪畫主角「舖頭仔」及其他傳統特色行業,讓已逐漸消失的傳統行業以新裝再現。


The traditional local supermarkets, grocery stores, dried seafood markets have appeared in Sheung Wan with brand new faces this December. Rickubic has appointed to create a new character "Store Chai" and other local and traditional businesses to illustrate the ambience of old Hong Kong.

亞洲插畫協會的「亞洲插畫年鑑 2017」

27 Sep 2017

作品登陸「亞洲插畫年鑑 2017

Collections in "Asia Illustrations Yearbook 2017"

The Pug and Shiba Gift Cards has rocked in several Market Fairs

25 Aug 2017

新畫的狗狗卡大受歡迎,並已於各不同市集派發完畢,所畫的狗狗分別是可憐樣子的八哥和開心活潑的柴柴,Rickubic 已計劃將這個項目印製明信片,詳情稍後再公佈。


The lovely pug and Shiba that I drew were printed on gift cards to my customers. It was all gone in a very short period of time during different market fairs. Rickubic has planned to print those two dogs on postcards. Details will be out soon.

Shared to Official Mr. Bean account at Instagram

12 Aug 2017

試畫一下 Rickubic 風格的人頭畫像,同時亦製作了一系列的襟章產品,並於八月份多個本地及海外市集發售,其中戇豆先生的頭像更得到了官方戇豆先生的查詢,作品經已在他的官方 Intagram 的網站發放。


I tried to draw caricature with my own style and made pin badges for several market fairs in August. Surprisingly, my illustration was shared by official Mr Bean account at Instagram, Wow!

The First Time in Taipei at 好好手感微笑市集

04 Aug 2017

Rickubic 帶著作品首次登陸台北參加好好手感微笑市集,在炎夏的陽光中遇見了很多顆熱誠的心,為我的創作路線給予一些指引。

It is the first time for me to approach Taipei to attend the Market Fair with many passionate professionals. Thankfully it gave me a lot of inspirations.

跟 Greenpeace 綠色和平 首次合作推行微塑膠關注行動

08 Apr 2017

Greenpeace綠色和平 - 香港網站 繪畫了一連四幅上載作品,繪畫關於微塑膠產品給何嚴重影響海洋生態平衝,並最終人類需要自食其果。


Hand drew 4 pieces of illustration for Greenpeace Hong Kong about microplastics in the sea, a growing threat to human health



Links to the illustration below

1. 香港每日有48億粒微塑膠入海

2. 已有140多種海鮮發現有微塑膠

3. 人類自食其果

4. 2050年海裡塑膠比魚多


24 Mar 2017



Lucky to have consignment with One Dot Art at Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, which you can easily access when getting off the ferry


Hand drawn on a Reusable Coffee Cup

13 Jan 2017

為 賞 · 想 Think of a Style 於中環的 Pop-Up Market 所繪畫並會展出的咖啡杯, 這個咖啡杯可以循環再用,杯上畫了奇異的警世及變種的海洋人面生物,大家要習慣見怪不怪,因為這個已經是現在的海洋生態了。此外 Rickubic 亦有部份畫作於市集期間公開發售。



Being invited to hand draw on a reusable coffee cup and exhibited in Think of a Style Pop-Up Market in Central, Coffee cup with all those weird creatures with human faces that probably exist in our ocean nowadays. 

Date: 14-22 January 2017, Address: No.8 Central Pier, Hong Kong.

Photo Frame Illustration for West Kowloon Freespace Happening

17 Dec 2016



The Photo Frame Illustration for West Kowloon Freespace Happening with four different hand-drawn emotions before Christmas 2016

Think of a Style Pop Up Store @ Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

18 Nov 2016

為 賞 · 想 Think of a Style 位於西營盤高街的Pop-Up概念店所繪畫的一系列插畫經己面世,隨了帶出西營盤特色地段如高街鬼屋及佐治五世紀念公園外,更有為當區參與的餐廳繪畫舖面及設計造型。此外更特別製作了一張插畫地圖,供到訪者在當區使用。Pop-Up概念店開業為期三天,由2016年11月19日至21日。地址:香港西營盤高街25號地舖 


A serial of illustrations for the promotion of Think of a Style Pop-Up Store at High Street, Sai Ying Pun including an illustrated map for visitors to find out the store, landmarks and specific restaurants

Open for three days from 19 to 21 November 2016

Address: No.25 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.

West Kowloon Handicraft Market from Sept to Dec 2016, Jan 2017

10 Sep 2016

由今年9月份開始參與了一連數個月的星期六、日在西九文化區舉行的自由約海角地攤手作市集,下次手作市集:2017年11月11至12日 2-7pm, 西九文化區苗圃公園


Participated West Kowloon Handicraft Market several times in weekends since September 2016,The upcoming market: 11-12 November 2017, 2-7pm, West Kowloon Nursery Park


05 Aug 2015

部份帆布袋及明信片現已於 Choisi Bookshop, Cultural Association, 一間位於瑞士的書店首次發售。


Choisi Some of our tote bags and postcards on sale for the first time at Choisi Bookshop, Cultural Association, a bookstore in Switzerland



29 Jun 2014



畢安 - 源自人性






Participated in Hong Kong Figureman Design 2014 with the inspiration of "The Scream" by Edward Munch and named the piece "Buk On", Got Merit Prize according to the judging panel at last

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