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Transit 2 (Original)
Dragon Vein of Hong Kong
The Signs 1 (AR)
Good Old Kai Tak
Transit 3 (Original)
The Signs 2 (AR)
Snow Cat
Whale Fall
The Sun Flower
Good Night, Hong Kong
Summer Swimming Buddies
The Classic of Jurassic Park
The Portrait of Mr. Laicha
Goodbye Hong Kong
Lost & Found
Neon Space-time
Bathing of a London Bus
Twenty-four Seven
Dali's Breakfast
Stand down!
The Crown of King
Never say never 2022
A Tiger With Wings
Tiger Heads NFTs x 100
Japanese Ramen
TST in the Hong Kong Style Restaurant
Humana Virus
Peak Tram People Mountain
Lion Rock, Our Values
Zero Gravity of Starfish
Legends of Swing
Crazy Octopus
The Ancient Trail of HK Tramways
The Green Hong Kong Ferry
Happiness Ice-cream Truck
The Animal Farm
Saving Private Chicken
Serve Yourself Nugget
Lost in the Wood
Bear and Japanese Salmon Sushi
Lost in Prague
Passenger on the Train 2
Passenger on the Train
Swinging Dragon Boat
Table Manner
Fishing Man on Ice Cube
Beloved Van Gogh
When Trump Meets Kim
Castle in Prague
Weatherman Freddy
"I am Your Cleaner."
A Cat, A Hostel & A Daruma
Lazy Afternoon Bear
Before You Take a Bite
Melt day, melt day, melt day
Fly Me in the Air
Fly Me with Ice-cream Motor
Flying Penguins
Christmas Trilogy: Santa Claus is co
Christmas Trilogy: Rudolph, the Red-
Christmas Trilogy: Walking in a Wint
The Gift of Happiness
Time to Change head
Moon on the Flight
Fly Me to the Moon
Transformation, Kafka
Holy Cow!
The Scream in Roswell
I Want Japanese Rice Ball
Canned Sardines, Canned Souls
Fish Balls in British Taste
Street Band in Switzerland
Radiation Tour in Hong Kong
All Things to All Men
Time to Show my Face (Halloween vers
Summer Swim
Don't leave your trash on the mounta
The Bouncing Monkey
Welcome to Giant Chicken Park!
Pick Me
Saving Humpback Whale
Blue House in Wan Chai
Facial Air-balloons
Flying Circus
When Chris Patten on a Minibus
Lights up the Moon (Black)
Sleepy Long Call
Rainy in the morning
A Fridge, a Horse & the Lion Rock
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