Rickubic - Hand Drawn by Rick Lo

“Flying up... Dream of the best, imagine for the surroundings...”


Life is a game looking for meanings, complicated and multifaceted. Joy in an amusement park, greediness from power, silence beyond the moon-chasing, contradiction between mindfulness and negligence. Through illustrations, I try to define, share and convey meanings with the contrast of lines, calling for reflections of the bright and dark sides. Whatever hidden in the illustrations are for the audience to interpret.

Rick Lo is an illustrator, a designer and a university lecturer. He studied communication design at RMIT University in Australia and now staying in Hong Kong. Rick Lo is a member of the Hong Kong Designers Association and Hong Kong Society of Illustrators. In 2018, Rick Lo is among the “8 Talented and Inspiring Hong Kong Illustrators You Need To Know”, featured on a lifestyle magazine Localiiz.

Printed illustrations are now available on Etsy, Pinkoi and Think of a Style. Please send an email if any inquiries at rick.lo@rickubic.com. Thank you.

力藝奇坊 - 勞力 插畫創作 




勞力是一位插畫師、創意設計師和大學講師。他曾赴澳洲皇家墨爾本科技大學修讀平面設計,現居於香港。近期更成為香港設計師協會及香港插畫師協會會員。勞力更在2018年被生活雜誌 Localliz 評為「8 Talented and Inspiring Hong Kong Illustrators You Need To Know」其中之一。 


畫作印刷品在以下網上平台有售,包括EtsyPinkoi Think of a style。如有任何查詢,歡迎電郵至rick.lo@rickubic.com謝謝。